Month: October 2018

Award-winning fishing trips in Canada

The article heading has elevated these fishing trips to a potentially award-winning category for the main reason of the catch. It is the size and quality of your catch during your fishing trips winnipeg experience that makes this possible. Of course, it only really matters if you are a serious fisherman yourself with high expectations and high ambitions. Look, not everyone has the ability or opportunity to go on an extended fishing trip. But everyone does have at least one vacation slot a year.

fishing trips winnipeg

And if you are as serious about fishing and all the adventure that it entails as is suspected, then you’ll ditch all traditional holiday plans and hitch off to Winnipeg, Canada where you will enter vast land resources preciously preserved of all its flora and fauna. Clean, fresh air and zero water pollution is what helps to turn these fishing stocks into (potentially) award-winning stocks. If you are looking for variety on your next annual out in the country vacation, you can take a break from spear or line fishing and head off into the bushes and do some waterfowl hunting.

Waterfowl is such a broad term. Be excited to know that there is this great potential to feast on a variety of species. Speaking of species, let’s introduce you to three of the fish species that you can expect to find in this rather special region. Expect to reel in not just any catfish but giant catfish, as well as giant Northern Pike and walleyes. May to end August months are the best months for your giant catfishing expeditions. You can expect these species to weigh up to forty pounds in weight. Walleye is great during the winter months in which case you’ll be doing your ice fishing.

Cornhole Bag Tossing Tips

Cornhole is a game that everyone enjoys. If you are a fan who is ready to up the rewards of the game, you can do so using the bag tossing tips below. When you have the perfect tossing techniques down pact, you can highlight your skills and win at this game every time. If you’re ready to improve your game, read below and use these tips the next time you head out to play.

Proper Bag Hold

You must start your toss with a bag that you’re properly holding. You should use your four fingers to firmly grasp the bag. The thumb should be in the center of the bag on the top. Once you have the bag hold in place, it is time to work on your stance.

Stance When Throwing

You should keep both feet together when tossing the bag in for the win. Bend your knees ever so slightly and create a lean that allows your arm to swing straight without coming into contact with your leg. You should step forward as you begin to toss, having one foot toward the goal and the other going back.

cornhole boards

The Arc

The flight that your bag has is important. You need to attain a 5- 10 foot flight since if you go higher it creates the risk of bounce and depletes accuracy as well. Keep the bag angled to reduce the amount of bounce that you experience.

With these tips and the best cornhole boards you are ready to begin playing this action-packed game to win. It is exciting and fun and know that you know how to come out ahead, things just took on a whole new level of amazing. Don’t miss out on these tips and their benefits to your game.