While curiosity may have killed the cat once upon a time, the human mind’s curiosity knows no limits. While the cat has at least got nine lives to fall back on, let it be known that there is more than one universe to ponder upon. Just in case you were wondering. And owing to more than one expanding universe theory being recognized and approved of among qualified and even eccentric peer review participants, it continues to be widely believed that this universe in which you live and breathe in is continuing to expand. 

The mysteries of the universe. It remains a mystery even to those qualified to study it because there is just so much to take in. It would require more than several lifetimes to reach any final conclusions about this universe and any others that may have been made known to all interested readers. While this universe continues to expand and, more than likely, the others do too, expanding universe theories will reveal that in science or astronomy history, there have been those universes that have come to a dramatic end.

The mysteries surrounding such galactic dramas still need to be unraveled. In knowing that life as you know it could suddenly come to a scary end, just know that there is the belief that while this universe continues to grow, you are not likely to see the end of it. Unless of course, you’ll be living for thousands and thousands of years. And thousands and thousands more. What a fascinating universe, let’s just say. If no reading material is available close to you, you can always source these wonderful theoretical accounts online.

expanding universe theory

And in case you have any doubts or questions, there are those learned men who might just be able to respond to your queries.